Give your hair a little magic


I am really getting into taking care of my hair at the moment. So, I thought I would share all the products I have tried and currently use, as they’re really working for me. Therefore, I have high hopes they will work for you too. 🙂

I had long hair 2 years ago, however I cut it all off as it was in really bad condition, I had really bad split ends. I used clip-in hair extensions in the past which damaged  my hair – so on that note ladies, the best advice I can give you is stop using them on a daily basis and let your hair breathe.

Since I chopped all my hair off, I have been desperately trying to grow it back but this time round I have been focusing on really taking care of it in order to reach the desired length without having to cut it off again. I’ve had to be patient which isn’t working for me as I want long yesterday! I have only recently started using these products I’m about to share with you, and they have already had a massive positive impact on the growth and condition of my hair. I couldn’t be happier. Before using these, it felt like my hair wasn’t growing at all!

I never really share products I use as I never find any that work. But, I finally have and I really want all of you out there who are in the same hair situation as me to try them for yourselves and feel/see the difference.

So, to get down to business and share my to-go-to hair products with you.


  1. Luxe Hair Oil Reconstructive Elixir – Wella

 A hairdresser recommended this to me last year and I now swear by it. She said she uses it all the time and it really helped her ends stay in amazing condition, which automatically helped her in growing long and healthy hair.

This product does what it says on the box. It contains oils to give your hair a luxury reconstruction in no time without weighting it down. This oil shields hair from drying out and it transforms dry brittle ends into much sleeker, shinier and healthier hair. My hair instantly benefited from just a few drops of this oil and once you try it (like me) I guarantee you won’t want to look back.

Use: You can use it on wet or/and dry hair. You only need a couple of pumps, so rub your palms together and apply only to your ends. If you apply it to wet hair, dry it afterwards as usual. I apply another two pumps on my ends after drying it and sometimes add more during the week if I feel my hair needs it. It feels oily when applying, however it doesn’t make your hair oily at all and dries within minutes!

There are different sized bottles and prices, so best to search for them on the net. I bought mine (smallest bottle) on Amazon for around £6 and it lasted around 4 months.


  1. Magic Potion – Cloud 9

Again another one recommended by a hairdresser. The name suits this product perfectly as it really is a little bottle of magic. There are several benefits to this product:

It reduces drying time on average by half, protects from the damaging effects of the sun with a UV filter, it nourishes hair over time with a weightless leave-in conditioner, acts as a heat protector and shields hair from damage. It also helps tame unmanageable hair, strengthens weakened or damaged hair and prevents frizz.

I can safely say that I felt the benefits from one use at the hair dressers and then also after the second use at home. Most of all, I noticed the drying time decreased by half as it said. I was so shocked it only took me 5-10 minutes max to dry my hair, where as it would normally take a lot longer.

Use: Shake before using as the liquids separate when not in use. Then spray onto towel-dried hair after washing. You can also apply it to dry hair before applying any sort of heat like straighteners or tongs.

My hair genuinely felt like I just walked out of the hair dressers after using this product at home. As it is a spray, it will last a while, depending on how often you use it. I bought mine for £5 in the Red Angel Hair Salon on Kings Street in Manchester. But you can Google it and purchase it online from various places. In my eyes, Magic Potion is cheap for what it does. Total bargain!



  1. Bleach London – Lee Stafford

This brand is specifically for blond dyed hair and the aim of it is to take all of the brassy-yellow tones out, leaving you with a much ash-ier colour. They also have coloured shampoos that leave a tint e.g. baby pink tint. I bought the standard purple shampoo, pink one to try it and the spray which you apply to wet hair. The spray has the same effect as the shampoo in extracting the brassy tones.

Use: I have been advised by hair dressers to leave the purple shampoo and conditioner in for 15-20 minutes each, so it can work its magic. Then wash out and continue with your normal hair routine. This shampoo and conditioner should only be used every other time you wash your hair as over use can damage your hair.

So, I for example wash my hair once a week where I use the purple shampoo and the next week I will use my normal shampoos and conditioners to nourish my hair. It may sound gross to some that I wash my hair once a week, but I am sure a lot of women do this…which is why I swear by dry shampoo. There are lots of benefits of using dry shampoo. It is bad for your hair to wash it frequently as your scalp needs the natural oils. You can actually damage your hair by washing it constantly even though you may think you are doing it a favour by keeping it clean. I bought all three from Boots for £15 as there was a deal on. Keep an eye on this brand as they are sometimes on offer. 🙂


  1. Keratin Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil Set – Natural World

 This is a smoothing therapy shampoo, conditioner and oil – all infused with intelligent Bio-mimetic Keratin, which mimics the natural composition of human hair to provide targeted repair of most damaged area’s of the hair’s surface. It helps to control frizz, and it is designed to restore shine and softness. It does exactly that. My hair feels amazing after using all three products.

Use: Use shampoo and conditioner as you normally would. I use the oil only on towel dried hair, every time I wash my hair and only apply specifically to my ends. You only need a drop or two. Again, this oil wont make your hair oily at all once you dry it. I use this oil along with the Wella oil as well. I put the Wella oil on first then this Keratin one. Wella is less oily, so will be absorbed by the hair faster, then I add extra oil – Keratin on top which takes a little longer to absorb but acts as a good protective layer. You may as well use as many things as you can on your hair to improve it.

I bought all three products on Groupon as they were reduced in price from £29 to £19 and now even down to £6! You can easily Google the brand and find a whole range of their products, so you can pick and chose which ones you fancy more. I really recommend getting the shampoo and conditioner as your standard products to use.



  1. Hair Jazz – Harmony Life

Hair Jazz helps to increase the rate of hair growth – it states that it makes hair grow 3 times as fast, as it stimulates the hair follicle. It says the hair grows up to 3-4.5cm per month and first results can be seen after just two months. All the active ingredients in Hair Jazz help to regenerate the structure of your hair and allow your hair to grow much faster than normal as well as encouraging the growth of new hair.

The benefits of Hair Jazz: the obvious one – 3 times faster hair growth, visible reduction to hair loss, makes hair stronger, softer and shinier and proven efficiency on all hair types.

Hair Jazz Clinical Tests

The tests were conducted with a representative sample of the population over a period of 30 days. Each patient’s hair was measured at the beginning and the end of the trial. When the results were compiled after 30 days, they showed:

  • A maximum growth of 4.5 cm.
  • An average  growth of 2.9 cm.

Keep in mind that hair grows an average 1.5 cm per month.

  1. I have just ordered the shampoo, conditioner and lotion. So, I will be writing a review once I have tried it for a month. I will be adding before and after photos as well as measuring my hair length. These three products cost me £34 – this may seem like quite a lot…but I am willing to pay for anything that will make my hair grow faster or at all! I just thought I would inform you that this product exists and I think it would be worth trying. There don’t seem to be many products like this one out there. Lets hope this works…watch this space! HJZ-L-SH-B-600x600-600x600-600x600

6. Olapex Treatment – Bond Strengthening Professional Service

I went to the hairdressers to get a treatment done recently, called Olapex as I dyed my hair which dried it out. The treatment cost me £21 so, you could add this to a haircut or blow dry. All salons have the same treatment but the brand name may differ.

Olapex strengthens and bonds the hair strands – it repairs them from the inside out. I had one treatment and I could feel a massive difference instantly. The best way I can describe it is my hair strands seem stronger and thicker. I would strongly recommend trying this as this should be your first step if your hair has been compromised chemically or thermally. You can either get this treatment done in a salon or buy a home treatment from a salon. It goes without saying that the salon one is stronger and more effective, but the home kits still make a massive difference. Every little helps, right!?



7. Food Supplements for Hair Growth and Condition – Holland and Barrett 

I used the Skin Hair and Nails vitamins 3 times a day and I have to say these made my hair grow faster. Once I finished that bottle, I bought one called Silica Complex which is full of Zinc and Horsetail (google Horsetail as there are lots of benefits). The lady in the shop said these would be better for hair specifically. So, I have been taking 1 a day as instructed and both suplements do the same job. My hair (for the first time in years) has actually grown about 4cm in 14 weeks! I try to get my hair trimmed between 10-12 weeks which is what is reccomeded if youre trying to grow your hair long – I only get the split ends cut off. This time round I left it longer and the hairdresser said my ends were in really great condition for going 14 weeks without a cut. I have all the above products and these food suplements to thank for that. 🙂 Win!


Sooo, there you go. All these products have really worked and helped my hair grow healthy. I hope I have managed to give you lots to read, think about and try. I will finish off by telling you my hair routine – this is mainly aimed at those of you who have lightened your hair and are trying to maintain a nice colour and healthy hair at the same time. You can get an idea of when to use all the products above as there are so many. I was completely lost the other week asked a couple of hairdressers for advice. So, I am passing this down from from a professional and trusted source. I know it all sounds complicated, confusing and expensive. However, It isn’t once you figure out your own routine and what works best for you. All the above products are well worth spending money on, just use them wisely.

Week 1 – Keratin shampoo and conditioner. Towel dry hair. Apply Wella Oil then Keratin Oil to ends only. Spray hair with bleach blond spray (for dyed/lighter hair only), then spray Magic Potion and comb hair through a little. Dry and style as usual.

Week 2 – Apply Blonde Bleach Shampoo, leave in for 15-20 mins, repeat same with Bleach Blonde conditioner. Wash out and repeat the Week 1 oils and sprays, then dry as usual. Repeat Week 1, then Week 2 again. Happy hair loving!




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