So, here it is. My first post. I was thinking of what to write about, but it just made sense to write a little more about the name of my blog and the reason behind it.

My sister introduced me to a film called Serendipity years ago, and she told me I had to watch it as I would love it. I did, as I always loved any recommendations she had for me. I’d already heard of the word and meaning of Serendipity before this film came out, and the word instantly grew on me because of how it sounded and looked written down. It’s just a pretty word! It consists of lovely letters which work together to create a charming little visual. I never thought I would have an attachment to a word before, out of all things. Anyway, I truly fell in love with Serendipity after  getting so involved in the films story line, script and characters. The idea of the film alone was quite out there, but also so beautiful. The combination of all of these elements is what made it so mysterious and magical.

For those of you who haven’t seen this film, here is a very brief insight. The story follows two characters Jonathan Trager and Sarah Thomas who meet in a shop in Manhattan in the middle of a Christmas holiday rush. They both fall victim to a mutual attraction, however part ways. They then bump into each other once again before deciding to go for a hot chocolate, despite both being in relationships. They spend the evening together wondering around Manhattan, and when the night comes to an end and it’s time for them to finally part…Jonathan asks for Sarah’s phone number. However, she proposes an idea that will leave their future in the hands of fate. Sarah says “If we’re meant to meet again, we will”. The movie plays with the idea of fate, chance, destiny and takes these two characters through so many coincidences and parallels. The entire universe seems to exist just to try and bring Sarah and Johnathan together. I’m a hopeless romantic hence why this movie really pulled on my heart strings. Some may think it’s soppy, but hey we all like different things right?! (…and I was a teen when I first watched this).

Anyway, the movie was named after a restaurant in Manhattan, New York called Serendipity III, where one of the scenes took place. As the characters are having a hot chocolate, Sarah is asked by Johnathan how she found this place and she answers: “ I first came in because of the name: Serendipity. It’s one of my favorite words.”.  Johnathan says: “It is? Why?”. Sarah replies: “Its such a nice sounding word for what it means: a fortunate accident.”

I had heard different definitions of the word, but never quite like this – “A fortunate accident“. It has a ring to it. Both word and meaning have been my favorite ever since. Some may think I copied Sarah, maybe I did. My love for the word grew thanks to her and I wanted it to be mine. I got it tattooed on my neck a few years ago, after a bad break up. It sits there as a constant reminder that unexpected things happen all the time and they may suddenly change things for the better. Not everything is as bad as it may seem, because another Serendipity is just round the corner. This brings me to another definition of the world I found, which I quite like and want to share with you:

“Serendipity – The effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something truly wonderful, especially looking for something entirely unrelated.”

Life consists of endless fortunate accidents and they’re all around us; from the people we meet, to the adventures we have and everything in between. The challenge in life is to focus on these.

As I thought more about Serendipity when I was a teenager, the only thing I automatically related it to was my paintings. I am an extremely clumsy person and used to constantly spill paint water all over my work or accidentally drop the brush onto the canvas. However, it was those strokes and spilled water that were what made the piece I was working on. At first I would always be annoyed for having accidents and being so clumsy, but some time later after styling them out, I appreciated that these so called “accidents” actually made my piece better. In the end these mistakes we’re  sort of what I was aiming for in the first place, without even knowing it. I remember people always picking up on these mishaps by saying how they “like what I did there”… Serendipity. Had I not accidentally dropped the brush or spilled dirty water all over my work, I wouldn’t have ever thought to place those stains where they now appeared, and my work wouldn’t have the same character.

I also relate this to life itself because we all learn from mistakes and accidents happen all the time. They seem so big when they happen, but when we stand back and look at the bigger picture, we realise we needed the unexpected, to be where we are now.


When we step back – magic happens.


(My sister lives in New York, and so I visit often. I am absolutely in love with that city for so many reasons. There are so many Serendipities in New York City, it really is a city where anything is possible. This is the main reason why my love for it grows each time.  I have yet to visit Serendipity III – I try each time, but it is always full due to the movie making it so popular. Watch this space…)



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